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Set of 6 Lavender Sachets


This set of 6 lavender sachets can help you relax and keep your home fresh. Enjoy the beautiful scent from those lavender sachets in your home. Lavender has many benefits and can be used anywhere around your house. This amazing dried herb, well-known for soothing and calming, can be put under a pillow or next to the bed for a better night’s sleep. It can also be used in your drawers, closets, clothes storage and even shoes to keep your clothes and shoes fresh and as a natural repellent to moths. In the south of France, lavender is also used to repel scorpions. For a better result, please give the sachets a massage every few weeks to release more scent.

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Premium quality of lavender flowers poured with love into those 6 sachets.
Handmade pre-filled sachets, packaged in a durable and easily resealable craft bag. Shake the bag or squeeze the sachets a little before use to release the lavender fragrance. Massage the bag every few other weeks to get the scent out.

Sachet size: 2.7 inches (bottom) x 3 inches height


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