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natural cleaning products

Natural House Cleaning Products

Try to move away from chemical products for cleaning your home and choose natural products instead. Inhaling chemicals can harm your health. Have you ever thought of making your own laundry detergent with natural ingredients? It is easy to make and even cheaper than buying laundry detergents full of chemicals in a store. This is also relevant for washing up liquid, hand soap and many other products.

White vinegar is a good, cheap and effective option to clean around the house. I usually dilute the vinegar with some water in a spray bottle and clean almost everything with it: sinks, tables, countertop, kitchen, bathrooms, fridge, windows. Baking soda is another pure and safe solution for cleaning your home.

This is an article from the American Lung Association regarding how harmful cleaning products can be: and there are many more online if you want to do further research.

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