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The new moon eclipse that occurred last Saturday, October 14th appears to have stirred up some individuals and caused even more disruptions around the world.

So how do we cope with that? How can we go through this challenging and crazy time?

I meditate every day and I highly recommend it to everybody. From now on so, I will organise virtual group meditations on a regular basis and each meditation will be focusing on a different topic.

Join us for a collective meditation to find inner peace, let go of fear and worry, and realign yourself. When?
Saturday, October 21st at 11am MST, making it accessible for those in Europe to participate as well.

We are all connected, so if a lot of individuals discover inner peace and conquer fear, it can have a positive impact on the entire planet. By elevating and sustaining high vibrations, you can promote love over hatred on Earth. We possess more power than we often realise, and meditation is a valuable tool for addressing stress, fear, distortions, chaos, and many other challenges.

Please join me for this very first group meditation and thank you for your support and your help to bring peace and love on Earth.

Participation of $25. Thank you. Email me to book your seat now or to pay online now, click here. Thank you!

Online, Venmo or Zelle Payments are accepted.
A zoom link will be emailed to you once you made a payment.

Much Love

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