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mindfulness hike
Bonjour !
I hope you are well and Happy New Year 2024!
Would you like to join us for a Mindfulness Hike on Sunday, January 14th at 1pm in Scottsdale, Arizona, to clear your mind and celebrate the New Year 2024?
This hike can be a good excuse to take some time off to visualise and manifest what you want in 2024.
During this two-hour hike, we will stop at a peaceful location to engage in meditation, deep breathing, self-connection and to release stress, anxiety, or any other emotions that need to be released on that particular day. Each hike varies depending on the participants, and we may spontaneously incorporate practices such as reflexology, sound healing, meditation, or any other therapeutic activities that naturally emerge during the journey. Our approach is flexible and fluid, allowing us to adapt and go with the flow of the moment.
Exact location is only shared with participants.
Participation fee: $35 only per person
If you want a personalised one-on-one hiking experience or wish to arrange a private group, please reach out via email.

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