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nettoyage énergétique de la maison

Bonjour !

Now let me ask you something…what do you do to have a better health, or more abundance, more love or more happiness into your life?

Before moving into a new place, you may find it beneficial to perform a house clearing to create a positive atmosphere and remove any possible negative energy from previous occupants.

In addition to spiritual clearing, numerology, especially when considering factors like family, success, love, or harmony, can provide insights into the energetic qualities of a space, based on its numerical address or other numerical associations. By aligning with favorable numbers, you can improve the energy of a space to better manifest your desired outcomes.

Overall, these practices have been valuable tools for many people in creating environments that support intentions and goals, whether it’s attracting abundance, fostering health and well-being, or cultivating harmonious relationships.

There are other good reasons to clear spaces. Indeed, if you want to sell your property or buy a specific one, clearing can also help sell faster or buy the home that you really want.

Now, a lot of people don’t know this about me here, as I have never shared it with most of my clients coming for healing sessions, but.. I am also a Real Estate Agent in the State of Arizona and I know how important it is to clear a house when you want to sell it or buy it or simply find harmony, peace and love in your home.

A few years back, before moving to Arizona, I was living in France in a beautiful location. First time I saw that little paradise, I literally fell in love with it, but that little paradise came with a lot of history…the first part of the house was built in 1534 and the land was one of the territories where people were hiding during world wars. The Templars also lived in that area. I had so many interesting experiences out there. Clearing the house became unavoidable and necessary to help spirits who were still stuck to move on. Even though, it was spiritually very active, I still loved the place and I could not imagine myself living anywhere else on the planet.  So when my husband at that time told me that he wanted to move back to the USA, I was not keen on the idea, as my life was fulfilled in the French majestic mountains of Les Cévennes. I had two beautiful kids, a successful Airbnb and another job that I loved. Thus moving to the USA and selling a property I fell in love with never crossed my mind. After thoughtful consideration, I said “yes” and we decided to sell the house and moved to the USA, but my heart and soul were not consciously ready yet to move away from this magical place. Well guess what happened? It took me 4 years to sell this beautiful property, before moving here, simply because my energy wasn’t into selling it. I was unconsciously blocking the sale and my subconscious mind was programmed to sabotage any potential sales. Yes that’s right… I didn’t want to sell the property, thus it wasn’t selling…each time I had a buyer coming around, I was simply sabotaging the visit or sending negative vibrations unconsciously…so we were not selling the house…

It only sold the day I was ready to sell… I remember that shift… something made me decide it was time.

So always be careful with your thoughts… especially if you are a manifesting generator. If you want to find out more about Human Design Analysis, visit this website or another one of your choice:

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