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mindfulness hike

Sign up now by emailing me.

Participation fee: $35 only per person.

Exact location is only shared with participants.

Payment options: venmo, zelle or paypal before the hike
Cancellation & Refund Policy: cancellation & refund are possible 24 hours before the hike.

Please make sure you bring enough water for the hike. Please note that Carina’s Healing LLC is not liable for any injury or incident that may occur during the hikes. Each of us is responsible for his/her own well-being. Thank you for your understanding.

Mindfulness Hikes Starting Again!

Next: Sunday, September 24th

Hello! I am very happy to let you know that we are starting our Mindfulness Hikes again in Scottsdale and the Valley of the Sun! Next Hike is this Sunday, September 24th at 10am in Scottsdale since the weather is allowing us. 

During our two-hour hikes, we stop at a peaceful location to engage in meditation, deep breathing, self-connection and to release stress, anxiety, or any other emotions that need to be released on that particular day. Each hike varies depending on the participants, and we may spontaneously incorporate practices such as reflexology, sound healing, meditation, or any other therapeutic activities that naturally emerge during the journey. Our approach is flexible and fluid, allowing us to adapt and go with the flow of the moment.
If you want a personalised one-on-one hiking experience or wish to arrange a private group, please reach out via email.


Dates for October Hikes:
Sunday, October 8th at 10am
Tuesday, October 10th at 10am
Saturday, October 21st at 10am


As a Transformational Coach, I help women and men transform and vibrate at the right love frequency to attract their soulmate! I show them how to open their heart to expect the unexpected with self-love and self-acceptance. Miracles exist, so ditch the negativity, release your limiting beliefs to make space for love and happiness, so you can finally have the amazing love life you deserve! We All Deserve Love, Happiness and Abundance!

In this short 20 minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The Keys to unlock your path to become a love magnet.
  • The New Model of Coaching that transforms you for a better life.
  • The BIGGEST mistake we often make when looking for love.
  • The Art of Manifesting your soulmate. How to manifest love easily and effortlessly in your life.
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